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One of the best Reviews I can show is an e-mail transaction that took place between a Real Estate Agent and myself.
The Real-Estate agent's name was removed. However these are the e-mails:

Mr. Castro:
As per the inspection that you did at..... in Elyria, Ohio, I would like to request of you not to mention in your report that the bathroom pipes were leaking on top of the kitchen sink. for reasons unknown to you.
                                                                                       Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated
Mr Agent:
  I thank you for the e-mail, however, I regret to inform you that I must stand by my company name and my responsibility to my client. I cannot and will not delete that from my report.
                                                                                        With My Apologies
                                                                                         Mike Castro
Mr. Castro:
   I am sorry to hear that, you will be getting no further work from me: Agent

Mr. Agent
   I am sorry you feel that way, However I stand by my honesty. what good would my business name be if it was just detail without the honesty.  Mike

Since then, I have done two other home inspections with this agent as the seller. I was referred by other agents and I must say that the buyers did not purchase those two homes either. This agent tends to sell homes that, let us just say, are less than ethical. This is exactly why you hire me!

This inspection is special to me! This is why I became a Home Inspector. Because, I personally have been through what this young lady would have gone through if she would not of hired Honest&Detail Home Inspections.
This home was advertised as: “WELCOME HOME to the PERFECT Property!!! …..updated again in 2019….This property is move in ready!” As beautiful as the home looked, nothing was farther from the truth! This house had more problems than our government.
This is her testimonial. As simple as it is. It says a lot.
“Mike did an amazing job and was a huge help. He carefully went over everything in detail. I learned a lot on the inspection. It was truly educational. Thanks Mike! I will definitely contact you for my next Inspection." Tianna Ingram   She did not buy the property. (2nd Property below) To get the same results and protect your expensive investment. Do what Tianna did. CALL ME!

I like this testimonial by Denise, because this is what separates me from my competitors. As far as I know I am the only Master Home Inspectors that includes thermal imaging with ALL my Home Inspections. I would not have found this roof leak without it. This was a newly installed roof.
"Mike Castro uses thermal imaging without it we would have had no clue of the smallest leaks in the crawl space and behind the walls. This is the only inspection company I know that uses it. I truly want to thank Honest and Detail for such an amazing job." Denise Latten

"I really liked his work and the professionalism he demonstrates when doing it. Thoroughly review every detail of the house to be inspected. Thanks for your honesty and help.  "Me gusto mucho su trabajo y el profesionalismo que demuestra al hacerlo. Revisa minuciosamente cada detalle de la casa a inspectar. Gracias por su honestidad y ayuda." Roza Ruis  (Only spanish speaking Inspector in Northeast Ohio)

(My new website allows for 5 Star reviews, with a couple Questions & Testimonial. My first one)

"Very thorough and has thermal imaging." Tom Hagan

This was the very first time we decided to get a home inspection. For our very first home. Working with
"Mike was an experience like no other. During the home inspection Mike was very thorough,
knowledgeable on any questions we asked. The report was very detailed and easy to understand. Mike
was very open to us asking any kind of question and explained everything in detail throughout the
inspection. Honest & Detail services is more than what you actually expect! If you are looking for a
home inspection, really look no further." Stephanie Cancel

I am very pleased with your service you have helped me save alot of money because of
your intelligence. Every question was answered perfectly. Thank you so much for your
help. Hector Ayala


"I am an out of state investor I've used Honest & detail multiple times and I will definitely use them again. Great customer service, detailed reports and fair pricing. Mike is very knowledgeable and is extremely nice. He takes the time to explain in detail what he will be doing and how detailed his report will be." Shawn Levy (Investor)

"Mike was amazing! I will definitely call him for my next home." Tianna Ingram   She did not buy the property. (2nd one)

"Mike was amazing and provide a lot of detail to his findings during the inspection."Tianna Ingram (3rd time was the charm)

"He did a great job inspecting the house. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inspector." Saul Chavez

"Great job." Janine Gailey (Real-estate Agent)

(Nobody’s Perfect)
"The inspector was very thorough. He took his time and answered questions as needed. You can tell he really enjoys his job and wants the best for his customers." Jamie Mediate

Robin Boyd

Elle Berry (Real-Estate Agent)

Antonio Gray

"Thank you" Courtney Camel

"Thank you, Awesome Job.! Courtney Camel (2 Inspection)

Hermann Lohoury (Investor)

"Great job! Details were good." DOLORES M TUMINO (Real-Estate Agent)

Amber Thomas

Sandy Pinali (Real-Estae Agent)

 I am in search of my first home. Mike was referred to me from a friend who is a local resident of Lorain. I spoke with Mike for 20 minutes when I first reached out to him to get a quote and was overwhelmed by his knowledge just from our first conversation. I hired Mike to inspect a house of interest and he did a very thorough inspection. I was able to be at part of the inspection and was amazed at all of details Mike was able to provide me on the house that I had not known prior to the inspection. Mike not only tells you the condition of the house but what the condition could be in the future which is very important to consider. Mike is professional and very knowledgeable in his line of work. I was able to call Mike to discuss the inspection and any questions I had from his report which was very helpful. I appreciate the work Mike did and would recommend him to others. Thanks Mike! Did not leave a name

Dear Mike;
I would like to thank you for all your loyal work that you did for us. We are first time home buyers and wasn't sure what to expect. With talking to you and wisdom of what is safe and unsafe for a home. Your knowing the laws for a home and just everything was be on what I thought. You told us everything that we needed to know and not just what we wanted to hear. You went out of your way to expect every inch of the property. You also took pictures of everything that you were doing. I feel like you did a wonderful job and I telling anyone I know how excellent job you did. Also when the job was done, you even said we can call for any questions. Keep up the honest work you do. YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB! Thank you again for your honest and hard work. Sincerely, Colin

Hi Mike. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job today. I told my dad everything you showed us an he was impressed with the job you did as well. We decided to ask the bank to pay to send in an engineer to assess the foundation They refuse, we walk away. So I'm sure I'll be in need of your services again in the near future. Your thorough inspection saved me from what I think is a huge problem. I can find something better and less stressful. Maybe a slab! Please send the report to my dad as well. xxxx@xxxxx.com Great experience! Thanks Again :) Julia Henderson

Fantastic services!! Very knowledgeable. Very thorough. Waited patiently for us to arrive after being late to the appointment. Understanding on time. Would recommend to anyone who needs an inspection done. Mohammed Haq

Mike did a very thorough job, was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. Gail Colopy (Real-Estate Agent)

Having worked with Mike Castro of Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services on a residential VA job and performing a home inspection for me, I have found him to have encyclopedic knowledge regarding building codes and all systems within a home. Mike graciously shares his findings in layman’s terms and is quite willing to explain any technical issue unfamiliar to his clients. He is a consummate professional to be highly recommended. Chuck Mosberger DesignWyse Interiors, Inc. Chuck Mosberger

I'll just first say, that I'm more than happy with making the decision to hire, Mike Castro as my inspector. I'll be upfront with all, who want to read, and I'll keep it simple. This is my first home purchase. I like many others worked a lot, and saved enough money to even go down this road. So when I asked around to a few people I trusted they said spend the extra money, and get someone who is a Home Inspector. I did do just that. The other sites that popped up in my search before choosing Mike where lacking a few key things. First two companies I called no one called back after I left a message. I gave them an honest day to call back. Third company I was routed to a call center, and the person on the other line couldn't answer my basic question. So in my mind I'm thinking, what are you guys sending a robot? I honestly wanted to talk to a real person to get an idea of what credentials they had, an d how they are. Hell Im going to be in a house that's not mine, and I want to know who you are before I spend time with you. Mike answered all my questions, and had a lot of technology that others didn't, and if they did it was a lot more extra. I'll wrap this review up by saying you pay for what you get with Mike. If you don't want to use him he offers his competitors links on his site as well. Once again I appreciate what you did Mike. Mr. Castro was professional and thorough. He took the time to explain the procedures and any issues that may arise from the inspection. My family and I are grateful to Mr. Castro for his honesty and the pride that he takes in his job. David Seitz

Mike Castro is an incredibly thorough and meticulous home inspector. He cares about his customers and takes the time to do the job right. We'd had a roof installed 8 years prior, still under warranty, when stains began to appear on the ceiling. The roofer blamed it on leakage through the siding and bad caulk. Mike had the equipment (a thermal imager) to establish beyond a doubt that the problem was improperly installed step flashing on the roof. We now have the documentation necessary to approach the roofer about remediation. He even offered to accompany me to court should that become necessary. People like Mike are very rare. My experience with him was great from the very beginning when he personally answered my phone call - I'd called several other home inspectors and got an answering machine, or had to fill out my contact info online which resulted in zero responses. In my opinion Mike is the only choice for home inspection in Lorain County. I'm very grateful to Mike for his expertise. An added plus - he's great to talk to! Christina Tapia

Mike was extremely thorough in his home inspection and was very professional throughout the process. Katie

The inspector was very knowledgeable and offered great advice about home improvement. Michel Lewis
Mike is a good and honest guy. If there's an issue with the home, he'll tell you. If it's not a big deal, he'll tell you. He gives an honest inspection without being an alarmist. Also, a good communicator. He called me when he was done and had my report sent to me way faster than I expected. Matthew Neumann

Mike was very thorough. He takes his time and looks at everything. Sherry Oleyar (Real-Estate Agent)

You were very informative and honest. Migdalia Delgado (Only spanish speaking Inspector in Northeast Ohio)

Mike thank you for the great and thorough inspection. For checking and explaining all of our concerns. Karla M Sanchez

Professional Krissy Barr

Best inspection ever James Latten

I greatly appreciate all of the information you shared and the in-depth inspection you performed. Your services were well worth it. Thank you, Wilfredo Wilfredo Barbosa

Mike is a very thorough and professional inspector. He spent a great deal of time inspecting every detail of the house and property. He takes the time to explain potential issues he encounters during the inspection. He is very friendly and courteous, with a dynamic and outgoing personality. Very pleased with his work. Christopher Kane

Nice guy would rather just get emailed report instead of going to this site. Andy Serfozo  (Real-Estate Agent)

Thank you for the through, detailed report on the house on W 19th Street. I appreciate the time you took detailing areas of repair need and positives as well. Stagno Dorothy (2nd Investment Property)

Mike was very thorough with his inspection as he has been whenever I have worked with him. He knows his stuff and helped to warn us about potential foundation issues with a property we were ready to move forward with. My clients were thankful that Mike found the problem before we committed to the house. Saved them time, energy, and a LOT of money. Thanks! Muhammad Ali (Real-Estate Agent)

I appreciate your eyes and words about this potential investment. I certainly didn’t want to help my daughter and husband buy a lemon. Dorothy Stagno

Very friendly and thorough. Answered any and all questions quite well. Roger Taylor

Great & Awesome service! Michael Hemosillo

Mike was very courteous on the phone and in person. He communicated very well and his home inspection was extremely meticulous. He showed my wife and eye any potential problems and advised us on how to handle them should we need to take care of things. I highly recommend Mike Castor of Honest and Detail for your home inspection. You get a lot of bang for your buck with him. J. Carlos Gonzalez

Mike was very responsive, professional, and thorough. Kate Maurer

Thank you for being so thorough, you answered my questions so that I could understand. Thank you for being patient. I appreciate all your help, You did a great job! I am referring you to others. Laura Serrano

Good professional work. Irving Ortiz

Very thorough with the inspection. Jose Gerena

Mr. Castro, it was a pleasure to see you do such a good job if anyone in the near future need inspection or for anything I surely would recommend you .thank you ! Hello Mr. Castro it was a learning experience, I appreciate you allowing me to walk thru with you, I learned a lot, Thank You Very Much, Michael and Alma. Alma Irby

Great job very knowledgeable and informational Thankyou. Alisa Baldwin

Mike was really professional and kind he answered all of my questions he explained to me everything that he was doing in the inspection so I could understand the whole process. Jose Leon

It was the best $400 I've ever spent! Michael Castro went above and beyond the Call of Duty. He kept us informed every step of the way during the inspection process. I will be referring his services to all of my family and friends before making their next home purchases. Georgia Latten

Doing business with your company was a real pleasure. You are very professional and we would tell that your main focus is customer satisfaction. Caring shows in your work. I am a firm believer that "you get what your pay for," and we feel that the thorough work that you provided was sufficient to the outcome. We will definitely recommend your company to any and every one that we know that may need an inspection! Johnathon Rodriguez

Mike is a very knowledgeable inspector. We have confidence that we are buying a solid house. It was a pleasure working with him, he is thorough, honest and professional. Diana Eliason

Mike was very through and took the time to explain in detail any problems and possible solutions. Handled all my questions. Tom Piebe

Mr.Castro's knowledge of inspecting along with his friendliness made for a great experience. His expertise in this field help alot with my many questions about certain things wich made it easy for me to comprehend. I would recommend Mr. Castro to anyone. He was very thorough from top to bottom. Domingo Guterrez

Great service, came on short notice, I am an out of country investor he met with my agent and inspected the property without delay. I will definitely use your services in the future. Thanks! Shawn levy

Very pleasant and professional, inspector was knowledgeable about services and also the neighborhood. Definitely would work with again! Elle (Real-Estate Agent)

From the start Mike was very easy to talk to and work with. He was very understanding of our situation of trying to purchase a home while living in another state. Mike made sure our family member, who went to the inspection in our shoes, was able to explain everything to us, and he was also there to answer any questions we had for him. My wife and I would recommend Mike to anyone in the northeast Ohio area looking for a home inspection. Tim Gilkerson

The report looks great and thanks for your hard work! James Robinson

Good evening!  Thank you for the detailed inspection report.  I must say you are extremely thorough and that is something I truly appreciate. Amanda McNeal

Mike offers great advice and is very helpful. It is rare to find a true gentleman with good ethics. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Diane Chambers

Mike was very impressive. When I got there he was already there early and ready to begin the inspection. He was very professional and informative throughout the entire inspection. He was very knowledgeable as well and put my mind at ease in his direct and concise answers to the questions I posed. Rodney Reynolds

I would highly recommend Mike to all my clients so they too can have peace of mind in their home buying process. Maria Velez

Sorry I took so long! I hope all is well. Again thank you for your help and service! I am recommending you to everyone I know! Robert Vargas

Mike was extremely thorough. He checked the house top to bottom, down to the last detail. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and provides valuable information during the inspection. The detailed report was completed in the same day. The greatest part was that Mike reserves the day for only one inspection, allowing time to ask questions and not feel confined to a time limit. I highly recommend Mike for his skills and personality. Anthony Harris

Very knowledgeable, detailed and honest, just like the name suggests. Marcee S

Informed me about my roof,and recommended other businesses. Bernard W.

He is very thorough and went above and beyond what I expected. Jessica P.
Good morning Mike. I would like to thank you for your inspection. The report afterward was very user friendly. The thermal imaging was a real useful service to offer. There were a lot of issues brought to our attention. Right now we are concentrating on the front and rear cantilevers that are rotting due to the improper siding finishing at the bottom. I removed the bottom trim and found the rim joist wet and rotted half way up. I'm concerned this will be the case all the way across. I am in the process of finding a qualified person to replace this. Thank you again for the follow up and caring about what you do. Dale Misiolek

As we are just beginning our business of rental properties, Mike Castro came highly recommended.  Mike was prompt and courteous to us as well as the current home owner and was thorough and detailed in his inspection of the home. Mr. Castro was willing to answer any questions we asked in a kind, yet professional manner. Would we recommend him to others?  Absolutely. Barry and Marcee Stephenson

Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services performed a home inspection for me, I am very pleased and satisfied with & would highly recommend to any home buyers. I am a first time home buyer and prior to the inspection, Mike spoke to me for over an hour over the phone going through his background credentials, and just making me feel comfortable overall about the process. I knew after hanging up with him I was making the right choice by hiring him to do my home inspection. On the day of the inspection Mike spent over 6 hours inspecting the home inside & out detail by detail, despite the fact the realtor wasn't too pleased with how long he was advised the inspection would take. Mike informed the realtor he was there for as long as his client needs him to be, and he did just that. Mike was very honest and straight forward during the entire process informing me of not only the negatives, but the positives the home had as well. After the inspection, I received a very detailed home inspection report outlining everything inspected, which also included colored pictures for referencing. I received information pamphlets as to what to expect now that I've had the inspection, which I found to be very helpful. After the inspection, I had questions and concerns so I called Mike and without hesitation he was available to help me with my concerns, and informed me afterwards if there were any more questions please feel free to call him, and do not for once think I was bothering him. Mike assured me of my privacy as a client before doing the home inspection, and to demonstrate his honesty after meeting with the realtor and addressing my concerns with things found during the home inspection the homeowner contacted Mike wanting clarity on some of the issues. Mike informed the homeowner my inspection was privacy protected, and therefore could not speak to him unless first given authorization by myself instructing him to do so. I was very pleased with this. Again, as mentioned earlier in my testimony I am a first time home buyer and Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services provided me the peace of mind I needed to make an informed decision regarding the home I was investing in. Janet Hayward

This reference letter is on behalf of Mike Castro of Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services LLC.  I have been referring my clients to Honest & Detail.  Since 2004 my clients and I have been very satisfied with his service.   My clients have been impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and the professional manner in which he approaches the inspection. It feels good to know that I can rely on Mike to take care of my clients even if the results of the inspection are unfavorable.  His honest approach is a much appreciated asset. Dwayne Reynolds

I, Robert Bromley, am a Realtor in the state of Ohio, and I have used Mike Castro previously for home inspections. Mike is very knowledgeable, honest, diligent and is efficient when it comes to doing inspections in all areas of a home.  I would recommend Mike for any inspection knowing the knowledge he has of homes. Robert Bromley (Real-Estate Agent)

You recently inspected a home that we were very interested in purchasing.  We just want you to know that even though we have decided not to purchase the home; we are very grateful for the inspection it covered so much we never thought of.  We feel the inspection was just as your name declares, "HONEST & DETAIL".  After viewing the inspection report we decided that the needed repairs and attention the home needed was out of our budget.  You took careful time to do a thorough inspection and your report and explanation helped us to make the wisest choice at this particular time.  We understand the "CHANCE" you take when buying homes as is but had the repairs been within our budget I know we would've been just as comfortable and secure as though we were in a brand new home because your detailed inspection takes the worry out of "CHANCE".  We are still looking and if we find another deal similar we know without a doubt who will be doing the inspection.  God Bless you and your business. Sincerely, James & Annie Butler

It is our pleasure to provide a reference for Mike Castro of Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services, LLC. Mike Castro conducted a home inspection at our new home. Trenten Petrey & Jessica Worcester

Mike completed our home inspection within a reasonable time frame. Mike's home inspection report exceeded our expectations. We received the home inspection report quicker than expected. His report was very detailed, and thorough. Mike is extremely knowledgable about property laws and codes. With every noted "problem", we were provided with recommendations to fix them. The detailed descriptions of every aspect of this property definitely helped ease some of the anxiety we had towards the "unknowns" of our new home.
It was a pleasure doing business with Mike Castro of Honest & Detail Property Evaluation Services, LLC, and we have no hesitation in recommending his services. Please feel free to contact us regarding this recommendation if necessary. Mr. Clark

Mikes work is truly thorough. He caught everything in the home I was purchasing. Because of the issues he caught, the sellers even found out problems with the home they never knew about. He has saved me alot of money in repairs as the sellers agreed to fix the major issues noted in his report. I would recommend Mikes services to everyone who cares about the property they are buying. (Mr. Clark referred me to one of his co-workers) Isaac & Crysta Velez

Thank you very much for being so thorough and explaining everything to me I appreciate it.  Again I appreciate the time you spent at the house and on the report.

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