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Certified Master Inspector

Inspected Once! Inspected Right!

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I AM! A CMI®-"Anyone Else is just Looking Around!"
"Enjoy more time Living in your home, not repairing it."
"Relax! Leave the Inspecting to me. I got this!"


Honest&Detail Property Evaluation Services LLC.
DBA: Honest&Detail Home Inspections
If you are looking for the cheapest Inspector, I am not your Inspector.
"I am However, The Best Inspector for the Job!"

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Mike Castro uses thermal imaging without it we would have had no clue of the smallest leaks in the crawl space and behind the walls. This is the only inspection company I know that uses it. I truly want to thank Honest and Detail for such an amazing job.........
Denise Latten

I really liked his work and the professionalism he demonstrates when doing it. Thoroughly review every detail of the house to be inspected. Thanks for your honesty and help......
Roza Ruis  
(Only spanish speaking Inspector in Northeast Ohio)

This was the very first time we decided to get a home inspection. ..... Working with
Mike was an experience like no other...... The report was very detailed and easy to understand. ..... Honest & Detail services is more than what you actually expect! If you are looking for a
home inspection, really look no further.
Stephanie Cancel

Rare find…a person with honesty and integrity that is working in your best interest not the
realtor’s best interest
Desmond Yanamayu

Master Home Inspector
He uses Thermal Imaging
Why Hire A Certified Master Inspector?

If You think it's expensive to hire a professional! Wait until you hire an amateur!

Basic Home Inspection includes:
A Certified Master Home Inspector
A Complete wall to wall, roof to basement Inspection
Infrared Thermal Imaging;
Termite Inspection
Moisture Intrusion
And much much more !  

"Anyone else, Is just looking around!",

"I am there for as long as YOU need me there"!

Cost Starting at
$450.00 First 2,000 sq. ft.
$175.00 each additional 1,000 sq. ft. or less



"I am not the Cheapest Inspector for your Home! I am Simply the Best Inspector for your Home!

Or Dial: (440)328-4142
We'll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee!
The experience of hiring a CMI® like H&D will leave you feeling less stressed and less anxious about your Home purchase.
Invite your family, relax, and leave the Inspecting to me!
Mike A. Castro CMI®


Thank You to my beautiful wife
Rose Marie Castro who through her patience and support allowed time for "H&D" to become successful.
I Love You Very Much.

       Special guest appearance by "Twinkie Sue"

Thank you to my "BuddyBoy"
(Chef) Michael Benjamin Castro through his assistance made making this Home Inspection webpage much easier.
Love You Very much.

Also: Chef Michael has started his own Personal Chef Business.
To learn more, Please click on his logo below. Thank you

Special Thanks

Thank you to my daughter,
Little Rita Marie Castro.
Through her vision, mind, and talents "H&D™" and all its company components, registrations, trademarks, and even its colors were created.
Love You Honey.
3% Additional Cost
I Service: Lorain, Cuyahoga, Erie, Medina Counties
Honest&Detail Property Evaluation Services LLC.
Mike Castro (Manager)
Certified Master Inspector CMI®
Lorain, Ohio

Relax! I got this! Home Inspecting is my specialty.

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I Got This!
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