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What I inspect in a home inspection

What I Inspect

Most Home Inspectors, as do I, have a standard of practice that we follow. (Standards Of Practice PDF) However for the most part, when it is safe and practical my standards of practice is simply,
"I inspect everything that I can" Since I am there for as long as I need to be there, I am never in no rush. That gives me the opportunity "at times" to go beyond the standards of practice.
"Inspected once, inspected right!",

     "I only schedule one inspection per day"

My Full Inspections include:

  • roof, vents, flashings and trim;

  • gutters and downspouts;

  • skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations;

  • decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings;

  • eaves, soffits and fascia;

  • grading and drainage;

  • basement, foundation and crawlspace;

  • water penetration and foundation movement;

  • heating system;

  • cooling system;

  • main water shut-off valve;

  • water heating system;

  • interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;

  • drainage sump pumps with accessible floats;

  • electrical service line and meter box;

  • main disconnect and service amperage;

  • electrical panel(s), breakers and fuses;

  • grounding and bonding;

  • GFCIs and AFCIs;

  • fireplace damper door and hearth;

  • insulation and ventilation;

  • garage doors, safety sensors and openers;

  • and much more

I will Inspect your home right or InterNachi will buy the Home Back Guarantee! See Nachi Guarantee

  Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Why should you hire me?
    Besides what is stated above  I have learned over the years, that at times no two outlets in the same room are wired the same (Electrical Example) and sometimes not even on the same circuit. No two windows are the same, I have checked rooms where one window works fine and the other is damaged, or one outlet works in a room and the other does not. In order to give YOU a complete
"Honest&Detail"® report of your home, it is my duty to 'Inspect everthing that I can'

  Master Home Inspector.

When you're buying a house, your best friend is me the inspector.

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