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Special Thanks

Thank You To my daughter
Rita Marie Castro.
Through her vision, mind, and talents "H&D™" and all its company components, registrations, trademarks, and even its colors were created.
Love You Honey.

Thank You to my beautiful wife

Rose Marie Castro
who through her patience and support allowed time for "H&D"  to become successful. I Love You Very Much.

Thank you to my "BuddyBoy"
Michael Benjamin Castro
through his assistance made making this Home Inspection webpage much easier. Love You Very much.

Thank you also to my younger brother:
Albie Castro whose web support and computer knowledge, help assist me in the creation & implementation of this web page.
Thank you Bro.

Thank You to InterNACHI.org for all the knowledge they have bestowed upon me and my business. Making me the Best Home Inspector in Northeast Ohio.

Thank you to all the Home Inspectors U.S. wide both good ones and bad ones for their help. Thank you for your webpages that helped me with mine. Thank you for all your ideas.

And Especially Thank You to Jehovah God and his son Christ Jesus. Without their love for mankind none of this is possible for anyone one of us. JW.org

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